During the summer months, our horseback shrimp fishers demonstrate their craft on the beach at Oostduinkerke almost every day. Thousands of visitors enjoy this wonderful tradition each year.

Learn about the history of this centuries-old ritual. Enjoy the spectacle and the bond between man and animal, and of course, sample the catch too.

We like to keep things safe, both for the horse fishers and for you. You can help us too.

  • Always maintain an appropriate distance. The horses are very accustomed to fishing, but they can always be unpredictable. Give them plenty of room and keep the way clear for the horseback fishers.
  • It’s fine if you want to take a nice photo. However, do not suddenly jump on the cart or in front of the horse. A horseback fisher cannot see through their horse and so they’re unable to see everything that is going on around them.
  • It’s no problem if you want to stroke the horse, but, be sure to first ask the horseback fisher or his companions whether this is ok. In this way you will avoid startling the horse.
  • Feel free to watch us work from the low tide mark, but do not tread on or walk over the nets.
  • Keep children close to you: it is not wise to walk and jump around near the horses.
  • Did you know that horses have a very keen sense of hearing? This means that the rustle of a plastic bag or the snapping open of an umbrella or a rain coat sounds very loud to them. Avoid making sudden and loud noises.
  • Important: listen to the instructions from the horseback fishers and their companions. In this way, you can enjoy this wonderful tradition without worry.

Are you still looking for companions to help with shrimp fishing?

Eddy D’Hulster: “We’re still looking for people who want to help us maintain order and safety around our horses. We provide full training for this. We’re also still looking for a volunteer to help with cleaning after we’ve been through the Astridplein and the Zeedijk and during our demonstrations.”

Contact Eddy D’Hulster: +32 478 46 59 60

Eddy D’Hulster